Who We Are

WHYCI INC. offers clients expert level consulting to identify and mitigate risks. We address the realities of today’s human threat to your organization from corporate espionage or insider threats.

We provide your company with a tailored, in-depth assessment of risks and recommended tools for ongoing mitigation.

We help prevent a disaster and position you to deal with threats in the global marketplace. We are constantly working to actively defend organizations against industrial espionage.

Why Counter-Intelligence ?

Corporate espionage — sometimes also called industrial espionage, economic espionage or corporate spying — is the practice of using espionage techniques for commercial or financial purposes.

Corporate espionage in India is hardly new. Corporate espionage basically refers to stealing trade secrets and confidential information by companies to gain exorbitant profit. Corporate espionage is on the rise in India because of lack of innovations and corruption. Indian companies try to concentrate more on stealing information than innovating new ideas. It raises a call for more stringent measures which is needed to be taken by the company to keep a security check on employees.

Counter-Intelligence is a proactive discipline that determines whether agents of a foreign government or a foreign competitor are using company personnel or other means to steal information or technology.

Its mission is to protect a company's classified and proprietary technologies from theft and protect its most valuable asset-its personnel-from compromise.

Why Companies Should Have Effective CI Policy?

We live in a world of hyper-competition. It has become imperative for every company to know what the competition is up to. Those who choose to ignore competitors and ride on the laurels of their past achievements will surely lose the race to the top. One wrong move can destroy your company!

Your company will have secrets that can be the difference between profit and loss, expansion or close down of the business. Identifying these secrets is thus crucial for your competitors to know.

Covert intelligence investigations can lead employees to unknowingly expose proprietary information, generating significant costs to your business and eroding your competitive advantage. So, companies must have aggressive security programs to protect their intellectual property, trade secrets, business processes, strategic goals, and the integrity of their brands.

We assess your organization’s vulnerability and educate employees on how to protect your company’s proprietary information.

Corporate Philosophy

Our goal is to create long term partnerships with our clients through communication and the quality of our services. The basis for cooperation is reliability, trustworthiness, and mutual confidence.

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